5 things you'll wish you knew before retiring.

Run time: 12 min.
Free presentation with Certified Financial Planner®, James Conole.
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Get ahead of big mistakes and retire better.

This lesson will detail the most common regrets of recent retirees that left them yearning to go back and do it all over again. You'll learn:
  • What you’ll wish you had done with your peak earning years before retirement
  • Why many people end up feeling restricted and dissatisfied after making the leap
  • The number one investment decision everyone ends up regretting
  • The person you should’ve talked to much sooner (hint: it’s not a financial advisor)
  • How to close the gap between expectations and reality to retire more comfortably

"This could be one of the best pieces of retirement advice I have ever heard!"

—Khaled Alzayat

"50 years old here and the advice that you have given in this video is helping me complete the picture of what I want my life to be when my children are grown and I can do whatever I wish thank you!"

—William Dove

"Ever since I discovered you, I have never watched any other retirement topic channels ever again. You explain things clearly and precisely like no one else does."

—Lilac Bazzi

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—Mary Smith

Near retirement and not sure if you’re prepared? Retired and feel like something's missing?
Then this bite-sized course is for you.

In just over 12 minutes, you’ll discover the top things people wish they’d known before transitioning into retired life. We call it a course because it contains valuable wisdom that took a whole lot of conversation and experience to obtain.

You’ll jump forward twenty years and acquire knowledge from people like yourself who have been there and done that.
Surprisingly, these five things have nothing to do with the usual hot topics like medicare, 401k withdrawals, or social security. They’re obvious lessons many of us end up kicking ourselves for not having considered more seriously sooner.

The best part is it’s free—and we’ll never sell your information. What’s the catch? I’m so confident you’ll walk away with such thought-provoking instruction to help you begin living more intentionally that you’ll be willing to share this with your network. And if you or your friends and family need help, my team is here for you.

Find out what you may be missing about your retirement.